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Corona Lake…Wide open trout fishing from the Float Tube!!
B-sides from Corona Lake…A little inspiration from last year for this upcoming season!!!
Corona Lake – Putting some SERIOUS bend in the rod! (w/ new Video!!)

"Ok everybody, smile..." I don’t know how many times I’ve exited at Indian Truck Trail to hit Corona Lake. I couldn’t even give you a round-about number. What I do know is that I frequently find myself thinking about that little stretch of road when I’m stuck at work or busy at home. The thought of turning on the right-hand blinker and pointing my little wagon off the 15 freeway and flying under that sign will creep into my brain and shortly

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A “how-to” in the basics of catching CATFISH!!!! Its summer time…you need new techniques!!

Re: catfish killin Saturday, July 9, 2011 6:00 PM From: "geoffrey" To: "Fishinglakes.com" <fishinglakes@yahoo.com> Yea thats cool cuz its the truth. I cant wait to go again, last time I took my 5 year old nephew and he is hooked, next will be the 8 year old neice. thanx again. From: Fishinglakes.com <fishinglakes@yahoo.com> To: geoffrey Sent: Saturday, July 9, 2011 5:57 PM Subject: Re: catfish killin Man that's great!! I would like to

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Advanced FLOAT TUBE RIGGING: Arming the INFLATABLE NAVY for BATTLE!! “How to” w/ pics

When I began float tubing, like most people I started with the bare minimum…A float tube, a pair of waders, fins, a PFD, and a single fishing rod. I used the provided Velcro lashing straps sewn into the float tube’s canvas shell to hold my rod when it wasn’t in use, held my fishing rod in my hands when it was in use, and fumbled with the stupid thing when I actually succeeded in catching a fish! Watching me from the shoreline HAD to have provided

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Corona Lake Lightning Trout… CAUGHT ON TAPE! 5 fish, 1 net!

I, like many of you, have been having an absolute BLAST with the Lightning Trout this season. Besides being beautiful fish that are absolutely delicious to eat, their tendency to stay schooled up, hang out about 6 inches below the surface, and eat EVERYTHING that crosses their face makes me think that these fish want hooks in their mouths and to find themselves sideways on my dinner plate. It's been a whole heck of a lot of fun taking part in killing

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The Inflatable Navy SARL Float Tube Homecoming Event and Tournament REPORT!

My head is swimming like I've been up for 2 days talking fishing with the most amped group of fisherman I've ever seen...because I was! My voice is gone like I've been joking, laughing, hootin' and hollerin' for 24 hours straight with friends old and new...because I have been! And I've got a stupid smile on my face stretching from ear to ear like I just witnessed an event of epic proportions...BECAUSE I DID!!! THE INFLATABLE NAVY SARL FLOAT TUBE

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WFO Lightning trout, wetting my pants and voyeurism via ‘yak (Pic heavy)

Sometimes, a picture can say a thousand words…this is one of those times. The picture below came Thursday via text from my friend Matt: I was sitting in my office when that gem came through. Talk about having a hard time finishing out your day at work knowing your buddies are sitting on that! Of my friends on the water, every single one of them had the same story from Thursday…”Wide open…”, “Looked like a koi pond”, “Followers on

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Basics of Float Tubing

By Aaron Sappenfield                 Fall, 1996…the Salton Sea.  It’s 6 am and the dry desert heat joins forces with the distinct odor of decaying fish to create a cocktail of some of the most disgusting air you could hope to not ever have to breathe.  Despite the putridity of this setting, I’m inflating a float tube for the first time in my life, gearing up to wade through a mass of rotting fish carcasses in search of monster

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