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The trout bite continues to be HOT here at Santa Ana River Lakes.  

DOUBLE DIGIT TROPHY trout and HEAVY stringers being checked in DAILY. Here are a few highlight catches from this last week here at Santa Ana River Lakes.

Frank Moore of La Mirada caught a 12 pound 4 ounce trout and a 8 pound trout using a green Trout King plastic worm fishing at the Pump House.
Bill & Frank Chavez of South Gate caught 14 trout totaling 32 pounds using white PowerBait fishing on the far side/flat area of Chris’ Pond. They fished the mid day special session (7 fish limit each) and checked in their limits at 11pm.
Andrew Yzagurre of Riverside caught a 10 pound trout using garlic PowerBait fishing at the PumpHouse.  
Aaron Fagan of Chino caught 5 trout totaling 15 pounds using a white/orange mice tail fishing at Levitz corner.
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Its been almost a month since our first trout stocking this season and the fishing has been excellent here at Santa Ana River Lakes.  Anglers come here because they know the trout are here.  Our weekly stocking videos posted every Thursday prove that. Here are some of the top recent catches.

Adan Garcia of Anaheim caught 6 trout totaling 23 pounds, his largest was 10 pound 8 ounces using garlic PowerBait fishing at La Palma point.

Chris Vanaagten of Ontario caught a 10 pound 8 ounce trout a white Trout King lure fishing at the Pump House

Tony Glasur of Artesia caught a 10 pound 2 ounce trout using a pink/white moone worm fishing near “The Road”.

Santiago Palacious of West Covina caught 5 trout totaling 19 pounds, his largest was 6 pounds using chartreuse PowerBait fishing at the Bubble Hole.

Brandon Liu of El Monte caught a 7 pound trout using a nightcrawler at the Bubble Hole

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Santa Ana River Lakes aka “heaviest stocked lakes around” kicked off trout season with a bang !  We really loaded up the lakes to get this trout season off on a great start. This is just the beginning, the big boys are coming for our Thanksgiving Super Weekend.  We have pages and pages filled with angler catch information.  Here are a few highlights of the many recent catches.
Family members Tean & Lam Khensovan of Longo each/both caught a 10 pound 8 ounce trout using Chartreuse PowerBait and a mini jig fishing at the Boat Dock. wow !
Noel Manarraz of L.A. caught a 9 pound 8 ounce trout, 6 pound 8 ounce trout and a 5 pound trout using PowerBait at Levitz corner.
Tiffany Galvon of Garden Grove caught 5 trout totaling 18 pound 11 ounces. Her largest trout weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces fishing at Sandy Beach using nightcrawlers
Patrick Gray of La Verne caught 4 trout totaling 13 pounds 8 ounces, his largest trout 8 pounds 11 ounces fishing at the cove near the Pump House using Red/Blue/Green PowerBait.
Santiago Palacious of West Covina caught 6 trout totaling 23 pounds 12 ounces, his 2 big ones weighed at 8 pounds and 6 pounds. Santiago was using nightcrawlers and white PowerBait at Levitz corner.
Patrick Sullivan of Tustin caught 5 trout totaling 16 pounds 8 ounces, his largest was 4 pounds 1 ounce using Trout King mini jigs fishing at the Pump House.
Jason Hirsch of Rancho caught a 7 pound 8 ounce trout using a salmon egg also at the Pump House cove.
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Cho Vo of Anaheim caught a monster 50 pound catfish using mackerel in the Big Lake at La Palma point and released the huge cat back into the Catfish Lake. cho-vo-with-50-pound-catfish-caught-released-at-sarl Ted Falcone of Anaheim caught & released a 15 pound catfish using Whoop Ass mackerel fishing in the Catfish Lake.  Kevin Kaiser & Rick Sheets of Ontario were float tubing all around the Big Lake and caught 7 catfish totaling 17 pounds, their biggest was 5 pounds using mealworms & marshmallows.kevin-kaiser-rick-sheets-with-7-cats-at-sarl  Jim Lewis of Orange caught 5 catfish totaling 12 pounds using shrimp with marshmallows fishing in the Big Lake at the Boat Dock.  Santa Ana River Lakes is open 6 days a week for Day & NIght fishing and currently stocking catfish every Thursday (closed on stocking days).  We are actively monitoring water temperatures every day and are hoping to start stocking trout at the beginning of November.  Visit FishingLakes.com for upcoming trout stocking information.
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