On a tranquil summer morning in the Imperial Valley, quiet surrounds a series of large ponds off a county road. The only sound is the gentle movement of water and the occasional croak of a great white egret.

Then, the quiet is broken as a tractor rumbles to life and makes its way onto a dirt road overlooking one pond. As the tractor reaches its destination, a machine much like a snow blower begins hurling its contents over the pond.

What follows is a frenzied dance as some 50,000 young catfish launch themselves toward their feed.

For Craig Elliott, whose family owns and operates the Imperial Catfish farm, the dance at feeding time is critical. It is a sign of a healthy pond and healthy fish.

“California provides some the healthiest, cleanest fish in the world and we do it in a very environmentally friendly manner,” said Elliott, who oversees the farm with his brother Cory…

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