...and even he could smash fish here!

I am still in a bit of shock. All of the footage above was taken over all of 1.5 hours after work…The camera never stopped rolling.

I’ve been keeping this under wraps for the last few days, pm’ing those that I knew would be interested to go get their butts on the water. Several followed suit, did the right things and were rewarded accordingly. I promised to give them a few days shot at this and obviously, it’s Saturday and that grace period has passed…It’s your turn.

This is happening all over the west side of the lake. Bring a sonar, find the spaghetti in about 40-50 feet and bounce a bait off of their heads. If you are unsure of what the “spaghetti” will look like, here ya go:

I know that’s a bit tough to see but I also know that anyone that knows how to read a sonar just about fell out of their seats! That entire black glob from 30-50 feet consists of beautiful blue catfish. I was catching doubles on a single rod with one fish on the hook and another fish wrapped in the line above it. And if a fish avoided being wrapped by it’s fanatical and hooked colleague, that beautiful green braid was consistently returning fully slimed. No joke, it was simply that thick with fish. If you don’t get bit and it doesn’t happen fast, you are doing something wrong as these fish are really eager to die. The absence of a bite on a 5-10 minute soak should tell you that you’re in the wrong place, move on. Anything plus a marshmallow on a 2 foot leader will get you bit. I ran a 3/8 oz slider on 12 pound power pro braid, carolina rigged above a #4 hook tied on a 10 pound mono leader.

As always guys, A HUGE THANKS for taking a look and a read!! Truly a memorable day of fishing and I cannot wait to get back out there. Any questions about anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask guys! And most importantly…GET OUT THERE AND HAVE FUN!!!!