Despite warmer weather the trout are still on the chew but so are the BIG catfish. Recent Highlights are as follows…

Rick Kizzee of L.A. caught a 52 pound 8 ounce catfish fishing from a float tube in the Big Lake using mackerel. Rick caught and safety released the monster catfish back into the Catfish Lake.
Judith Macias of L.A. caught a 15 and a 10 pound catfish also on a float tube in the Big Lake using mackerel. Judith also safely released her catfish back into the Catfish Lake.
Bernie Jimenez of Stanton landed a 10 pound trout using green PowerBait fishing at Levitz corner.
Edward Baker of Arcadia (while fishing for trout) caught a 14 pound 8 ounce catfish using white Powerbait fishing at the Bubble Hole.
Jim Huthom of Anaheim caught a 8 pound 8 ounce trout using Orange/Green PowerMouse Tail fishing at the PumpHouse.
Pablo Mercado of Long Beach caught a 7 pound trout using white PowerBait fishing at the BubbleHole.